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How I Almost Lost All My Data and Was Rescued by Spinrite


17 Feb 2017

1 min read

Image by Apple

This is a story that I started writing back in 2015. Life events prevented me from posting it back then but I felt that it was still worth sharing. I decided to kick off 2015 with a fresh install of my Mac Book Pro. So I checked the status of my time capsule, made sure that my backup was current and off I went.

I proceeded to wipe my mac and start the install. When it was time to restore from a backup I selected my time capsule and waited, But the next screen never loaded. The horrific truth started to set in. The time capsule hard drive was done and I just wiped the only other copy of my data.

As I cried inside I remembered that I purchased spinrite many years ago, just in case. With the help of the ifixit site I had the drive out of the time capsule in no time and spinrite working on it.

When Spinrite finished running level two, it didn’t find any issues. But when I plugged the drive back into the Time Capsule, I was successful in restoring my files. What started as a disastrous data loss for me. Became another Spinrite saves the day story.

After a lesson well learned I applied Leo’s 3-2-1 backup strategy. Today my data gets sync to two Drobo’s (hence the two local copies). Then gets uploaded offsite to the cloud via Backblaze.